Disneyland Dining Made Easy

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2022

Walk to the exit. Leave the park. Hike to the bus stop. Wait for a bus. Ride to Disney Springs. Find your restaurant. Whew, if you are a Walt Disney World regular, you know it’s kind of a pain in the rear to leave the park to eat at Disney Springs! This is one (of many areas) where Disneyland has a leg up on Walt Disney World! Disneyland, California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney (Disneyland’s version of Disney Springs) are basically within a football field’s length away from each other, so leaving the parks to dine is as easy as it gets. Our preference is to take a lunch break at Downtown Disney; it gives us a chance to rest our feet, relax in the A/C, and fuel up for several more hours in the parks!

Downtown Disney has something for pretty much everyone. If you are looking for a yummy snack, look no further than Sprinkles for cupcakes, Salt and Straw for ice cream, and my husband’s favorite: Jamba for smoothies. If you need a quick meal, give Black Tap a whirl for burgers and shakes. If it’s table-service and a filling meal that you’re looking for, let’s take a look at two of my favorites: Tortilla Jo’s and Naples Ristorante e Bar.

Tortilla Jo’s

This is probably my favorite table-service location at Downtown Disney! The chips and salsa are bountiful. The drinks are flowing (hello, raspberry mojito!). The food is delicioso - trust me on the enchiladas and burritos!  


This is one of the few meals that my husband asks to repeat trip after trip (he normally likes trying different places). I strongly recommend a pizza - you can’t beat a wood fired pizza oven with authentic Italian ingredients! You’ll feel like you stepped into an authentic Italian pizzeria complete with checkered tile floors, gondolier-style shirt for the employees, and pizzas the size of the moon! If pizza isn’t your jam, I can vouch for the chicken parm - definitely NOT your typical theme park food. Come hungry, be prepared to share, and get a take-home box.

So, let’s mangia and get ready for some delicioso food at Downtown Disney without taking up much precious park time! If a trip to Disneyland sounds like something you would like to learn more about, click HERE and we can chat!


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