Luck Favors the Plussing It Launch Box Subscribers

by christie grube Mar 11, 2021
March can mean so many things, the hopeful turn to Spring, days getting longer, Easter on the way, and of course, when all of us channel our inner Irishman for St. Patrick's Day.  And of course, the best part, a new month means a NEW LAUNCH BOX. I truly look forward to this day ALL.MONTH.LONG. (As soon as I have finished going through one, I immediately get completely geeked about what will come the following month! Can one become addicted to Launch Boxes?)
The March box had a bit of a St. Patty's, "make your own luck" kind of theme to it and I was LOVING it! The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was my handwritten note and the adorable sticker that was adhered to the envelope that read, "Luck favors the prepared." I let that sink in for a bit.
I've been fortunate to have my travel business picking up some steam this year, guests are ready to kick some tires, many are ready to commit and it's time for me to switch gears. Having guests ready to book with us isn't a stroke of "luck", it's the result of our hard work, diligence, and preparedness.
So when I read that sticker I decided to put it someplace where it was in sight all month as a reminder. I'm not lucky, I am prepared and need to CONTINUE to be prepared in order to continue to thrive. This box was THE perfect complement to this month's credo. Once again, Kat NAILED it, proving again she understands the ebbs and flows of the travel industry and knowing exactly what we will need even before we do! 
I feel like I'm a giant spoiler alert when I always start with my FAVORITE thing in the box, but c'mon, like a kid on Christmas, I can't stop playing with it, and can't stop telling everyone about why not lead in with the box's version of the shiny new ten-speed?!
A huge part of what is so beneficial about partnering with Kat whether it be in the Agent Prep Program or the Plussing It Membership or this Plussing It Launch Box is being able to tap into her bottomless well of creativity. This month she included THE cutest, interactive trip tip countdown you could ever imagine, scratch-off card kits...(lucky number) SEVEN of them!
The design itself is adorable, something that guests will love to display as they countdown to their trips and agents will also want to display to keep useful tips top of mind to send to their guests. (When they inevitably run out of these darling cards because they will go like hotcakes with all the bookings you're going to secure!)
Picture this, a kit where once assembled (inside the poly bag and secured with a cute sticker), your guests can scratch off a trip tip every day (with the provided penny) for the two weeks leading up to their vacation. (WAY better than lottery scratch-off cards people!)
  • HOW much fun will this be for kids that are getting excited about their trip?!
  • HOW beneficial for first-time guests that are desperately trying to get the lay of the land before they leave for their trip?!
  • HOW fun for the veteran traveler that feels like they've "seen it" or "done it" all...nope, you haven't-these cuties will blow their minds! 
Okay, those scratch-off kits alone were a mic drop, I could have unwrapped that, shed pretty happy tears, and called it a day, but....then there was this AWESOME 7-Day dry-erase daily task list.
I am such an old-school list maker, everything needs to be written down to feel real and sometimes in multiple places. I have a paper planner and lists upon lists. Writing the list is therapeutic and crossing items off of the list makes me feel like a hero. This dry erase calendar that is also in keeping with the "Luck Favors the Prepared" theme (as it's printed on the top) is the perfect place to list out those "to do" items for the week that can easily be overlooked if they aren't staring you in the face.
The beauty of the dry-erase is that your list can look differently as often as you need it to. Thoughtful as ever, Kat included dry-erase markers and a clever idea for using them. What if you used this dry erase calendar as a way to manage what guests you need to perform certain tasks for that week. The dry erase markers can be coordinated to make that easier for you. For example, red for dining, blue for FastPass+, green for final payments, and black for all of your other notes for the week. Your mind is blown right now, isn't it?
There is also the cutest, rustic wooden photo base to secure your "calendar" to. It's the perfect size for any desk, small enough to be out of the way, but can display your list prominently enough to not get lost behind your pens and post-its. (Or, if you're a dork like me, I put my Prince Phillip "Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom" card in it because...swoon, Phillip....maybe the list can share the space with him.) 
Folks are getting excited about travel again-yay! Vaccines are being administered-double yay!! Covid cases are on the decline-halleluiah! Still, we will forever have a deeper appreciation for cleanliness and sanitizing surfaces, more so than we ever had before. It's silly to pretend that guests aren't concerned, don't ignore the elephant in the room, address it.

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In this month's box is a packet of citrus-scented (I immediately thought of the orange grove smell from Soarin') "Trip Wipes." It's a packet of 7 (are you seeing a number trend here?) individually wrapped antibacterial wipes which are great for buses, planes, the car, restaurant table, or whatever area you or your guest may just want a quick wipe down of. By giving this to your guest you're recognizing their potential concerns and you're reminding that you do care and want them to stay safe. 
And again with those creative this box, peering up at me was one of my favorite characters, Edna Mode telling me that I should, "Make My Own Luck...Dahling." It's amazing how much fun and useful info Kat can put on something that is just the size of a standard postcard. But this is no ordinary postcard....Scan the QR Code (which hello-GENIUS marketing idea!!! Who can resist scanning a QR code, why aren't we ALL using that in some fashion when spreading the word about our services?!) and retrieve "7 Ways to Prepare to Have a Flawless Day at Walt Disney World."
These Edna-packed images are great tidbits of info and the best part is they are social media ready! For those days where you are just not mustering up a single idea, your trip tip well is suffering a drought, BAAM, here are 7 easy peasy solutions! 
***There's candy in this box too...chocolate...7 pieces...and if that isn't the very first thing you also devour when you open this bad boy up...then please send it to me at P.O. Box Gluttonville USA)***
Of course, the clever, thoughtful items in the box are never enough for Kat to send, there is always something more, a bonus raffle. This month she is raffling away four "Get Down to Disness Daily Agenda Books" and erasable pens. I've been gifting these to my own travel guests for ages, they are a planner's dream. There is room for EVERYTHING, every reservation, every detail, and room for notes for a trip up to 14 days! (Please someone take me on a 14-day trip!)
If luck favored my little raffle ticket, I can assure you, this agenda book would stay right here on this lil' Leprechaun's desk, I have a June trip on the books and I absolutely LOVE filling these books up! They are THE perfect gift for your guests!
This box was phenomenal, it was creativity personified. And now I sit here, drumming my fingers trying to think...April, April....what on earth could Kat POSSIBLY dream up for April that will top the cleverness of March. I don't know what the box will contain...but I do know that it will be EPIC and I won't be able to get it into my house before I tear into it! Is it April yet?
If you, like me NEED this Launch Box in your life, get on the WAITLIST! Enrollment is opening SOON for May box arrivals!



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