The December Launch Box Unleashes My Inner Elf

by christie grube Dec 06, 2021

'Tis the season to be merry & bright, festive and fun, and above all...prepared. It's taken me a bit to fully become even just one of those things and to embrace the fact that whether I'm ready or not, the holidays are upon us! Thank goodness (or really just our favorite Disness elf) for this December Launch Box, it's exactly the kick in the tinsel I needed!

Fortunately for many Travel Agents, guests are excited about traveling again and business is picking up. In what falls under the "careful what you wish for" category, these busier work days means that I'm falling behind on those behind the scenes magical things that are important this time of year. This December Launch Box was the perfect, and definitely timely bit of holiday magic I needed. 

For starters, and or the Launch Box cards, and MICKEY AND MINNIE holiday cards to boot!  I am still (even with the rising postage rates) a firm believer in the power of snail mail. I don't think much out there means more than getting a hand written card. There's so much more thought & effort than a mere email and I know guests appreciate the gesture. These adorable holiday cards achieve so many knock out "punches" all in one sweet envelope. Our guests will felt thought of and seen. They will most likely display our cards throughout the holiday season, and may even think to mention our services to visiting holiday guests and family. Seeing some fun mail from us will stir up sweet trip nostalgia, remind them of how AWESOME we are at our jobs and may get the wheels turning to get another trip on the books. Who would have thought 58 cents could buy you SO much marketing power!? (The lovely bonus "Happy Holidays" envelope sealing stickers just reiterate how incredibly EXTRA we all are.)

The trying to stay reformed nail nibbler and nail picker in me LOVES nail wraps. I don't have the patience to sit and wait for nails to dry (I have a business to run here) but I like the look of a fresh, neat manicure...and really, for me, the funkier the better. I am LOVING the festive Mickey and Minnie Christmas nail wraps in this month's box. These are so fun for your guests who are visiting the parks over the holidays orrrrrr...are great conversation starters for you to wear & to chat about your Disney travel business while you mingle and jingle all over town this holiday season. There's also a 10% coupon for future purchases which will be perfect for those fun girls' trips that are so much fun to plan for guests! 

It really is true that good things come in small packages! (We all know that by now...big boxes usually mean I have to put something together...small boxes scream jewelry and fun!) The stuffed stocking in this month's box was such a sweet surprise and such a clever way to package fun, small and even necessary guests gifts over the holidays. It's amazing how many goodies Kat was able to cram into this fun little sock!

The last time these Wikki Stixx came to me via a Launch Box my guests went NUTS for them. I love having some holiday themed ones to give to my guests this time around! They are such a simple idea but have such a big impact! 

Another small, easy to ship gem are reusable straws, like the fun Mickey designed cuties in the stocking. Many guests are still just not used to the idea of paper straws in the parks and are really grateful to have us think of a detail like reusable straws when creating their final trip packets. 

What is more Christmasy than Legos?! EVERY year for ages Lego sets were a staple in my house as a kid and still now as I have my own family. Just seeing the mini Lego figurine package in my stocking was a dose of sweet nostalgia. (Speaking of nostalgia, I really lucked out, my figurine was "Steamboat Willie." Who did you get?) Sooo...obviously, since I know which figurine was inside I decided to keep that lil' gift myself. C'mon, I'm a Travel Agent, not Saint Nick! 

Another stocking item (seriously, can you believe all the goodies that are in that lil' seven inch sock?!) that will surely never make it off my desk is the Disney Parks mint tin. I.Love.Those. We buy several EVERY time we visit WDW and mourn the end of each tin. Granted, they are great, adorably shaped mints...but I think more than that it's just how they remind me of vacation. The end of every trip has us in the resort gift shop making last minute purchases that always include the mints. (Isn't nostalgia and sweet reminiscing one of the best parts of the holidays?)

The fact that Kat included a second stocking for us to package gifts inside of was super thoughtful and sorry, but the cute Mickey Christmas candy magnet is going on MY fridge.

Gift cards are great guest gifts, ESPECIALLY during this time of the above mentioned postage hikes. Gift cards are ALWAYS the perfect size (and weight)! The problem with those convenient grocery store hang tag gift cards is that they absolutely look like you purchased them at the grocery store. (No one can blame you, we are all stretched for time, but still, as Kat teaches us, there's always bonus points for presentation!) The 10 gift card holders in this month's box are the perfect remedy foe less than attractive "on the go" gift card purchases. The red is perfect for the holidays, but will definitely carry you throughout the year as well. (Hey y'all...Happy Valentine's before we know it)

Cocoa is always the answer when it comes to all things holidays. Chilly day-pour me some cocoa. Wrapping gifts-I'll take some cocoa with extra marshmallows. Holiday movie watching-make it a double! However, busy work days with papers and client folders strewn all across my desk isn't the most conducive environment for a cup of sticky, chocolatey cocoa. Cue the sweet treat you never knew you needed but now may never be able to live without...Theo Organic Peppermint Cocoa Cup! (HOW does Kat find these things?!) This heart shaped slab of deliciousness is the craziest thing ever, it truly does taste like THE most decadent cup of peppermint hot cocoa but is handheld. (And not scalding hot...and can't spill...) Yeah, there's no chance you're sending those away. Eat up. You're welcome. You deserved it. Now...who is going to shake Kat down and find out where we can get more of those addictive little patties?!

As if she's not already (obviously) in the spirit of giving year round, the raffle for this month's box is a $50 Disney gift card! Fifty bucks...yowzers. That's a sweet dent in a vacation deposit payment! That's more than enough for one of those gorgeous 50th Anniversary mugs! (And just think of all the after Christmas sales!!!!) Yep, I'm clearly already spent a gift card I haven't even won. That extremely generous raffle gift is going to make one lucky TA elf VERY happy!

What is for many the most magical time of the year can also feel heavy, daunting and beyond busy...especially as we are all trying to rebound from the 18 toughest months of our careers. (And possibly our lives) This month's Launch Box went a long way in reminding me of what's important; nostalgia, whimsy, human contact and sweetness. I am a work in progress, but I am relishing the moment of exhale and excitement I felt while going through this box and working to make it last throughout the remainder of this year into what will surely be a bright, hopeful and prosperous 2022. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my fellow Launch Box Lovers and hardworking TAs, I feel lucky to be in the trenches with each of you!

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