Unboxing the April Launch Box

by christie grube Apr 09, 2021

Travel Agent Success is BLOOMING This Month

Maybe it's just me, but it is TOUGH for me to get excited during that post-holiday-March slump. It gets dark so crazy early, everything outside is dead and there isn't much to look forward to. (As seen by my overzealous celebrating of Pi Day and St. Patty's Day when I'm neither Irish nor a friend of math.)
Then...then comes April. We move the clocks ahead, the daffodils start popping up, the trees begin to bud annnnd, a new Launch Box arrives on my pollen-covered doorstep. Hope SPRINGS eternal! This was such an exciting box for me to open because it signified rebirth, growth, and BLOOMING! the timing was perfect too; arriving on a gorgeous Spring North Carolina day. 
When I opened the box it automatically felt like SPRING! It was full of green! I have missed green so badly this wet and LONG (feeling) winter. There was green from the happy little packing fringe to the beloved monthly candy fix down to the....drumroll...
SUCCULENT! You guys...there is a legit succulent in my box! At the risk of sounding like a weirdo, succulents are huge in my house. My oldest is a budding Horticulturist so this little cutie SPOKE to me. Our kitchen is COVERED in succulents, anywhere with a windowsill has a succulent. We love them for the artistic way in which they grow, their resiliency, and their ability to just flourish in small spaces.
Leave it to Kat, to see a succulent and have her connect it to the Travel Agents enrolled in the Agent Prep Program and Plussing It Membership. She writes in our adorable monthly "Content-Description" sheet how succulents symbolize our "resiliency through the travel booking dry spell that has been covid-19." I love the idea of keeping this succulent nearby on MY office windowsill (take that child of mine!) to remind myself that I CAN do this job. I can do this job when it's easy and people have zero qualms about traveling and I can do this job when it is the driest of dry spells. Endurance. Resiliency. We are all SO much stronger than we knew we were before we began this journey throughout covid-19. 
Presentation matters-no one knows that better than Kat! The succulent arrived in the sweetest tulle bag/basket which is a gift itself. I'm thinking I'm going to fill it with candy and goodies to use as a mini Mother's Day giveaway in my Disney Facebook group. (Or maybe a fun Spring giveaway since somehow I allowed Easter to blow right by me.) There are so many possibilities for it, I can just imagine a guest opening their final paperwork package and seeing that darling basket filled with earbuds, gum, hand sanitizer, and other small trip must-haves. They'd swoon for sure!
Falling under the borderline creepy, "Big Sister Kat" is watching category, come the super cute sticky note pads that were in this month's box. Somehow I had allowed myself to run completely out of sticky notes THE DAY BEFORE THE BOX CAME! I made a Dollar Tree run to try and grab more and came up completely empty-handed. Launch Box landed and cured my office supply debacle. (And I KNOW I am not alone, part of why we really do this job because we love office supplies...right? Show of hands...it's nothing to be ashamed of...) 
Oh.My.Goodness. Who has tried to enjoy a Frozen Coke or a Frozen Lemonade at the parks with the new environmentally friendly Disney paper straws? IMPOSSIBLE! They end up completely disintegrating before you're even halfway through your treat. It's just the worst, I know it's a necessary step in reducing our ecological footprint but so many last sips...left behind...sigh.
This month Kat included three of THE cutest cases of reusable silicone straws.  They come in just the coolest colors, have their own mini metal case small enough to fit in a back pocket or bag, and are DISHWASHER SAFE!!!  To me, this is one of those gifts that when you DO give it to a client it REALLY shows that you know Disney like the back of your hand. You are so proactive and forward-thinking that you have anticipated their need for ACTUAL straws and have sent them along before their trip. That is a WOW moment for a guest. 
Tsum Tsum fever hit my household like a cuddly plush hurricane. We have big ones, small ones, keychains, t-shirts, you name it we have them and LOVE them. It is just Disney character cuteness at their absolute sweetest. WHO can resist those tiny little Tsum faces?! My little tiny Dumbo Tsum from this month's box is preciousness overload. Packaged in a recycled paper container (see, you're welcome environment) it would be the best surprise to tag along in a first-time visitor's final paperwork travel package. Characters and their iconic stories are part of what we all love so much about Disney, what a great way to get guests even more excited about their trip! (And not every client gift needs to be purposeful, sometimes these pieces of whimsy are even more special.)
So...Spring. The weather is getting warmer, life is beginning to return to some form of normalcy. It's time for me to (possibly) step away from the joggers and hoodies and re-enter the world of actual clothes. Time to start considering the shedding of my "winter coat" and making some better decisions. (Curse you Cadbury Mini Eggs!!!) You can always count on Kat for some AWESOME digital fun in our Launch Box.
This month, I think she's speaking directly to my elastic waistband with the "Digital Salad Bar" postcard. Scan the QR Code to find where the best salads are in Disney. Mind blown. This is a keeper for us of course, sometimes even I want to eat lighter in Disney...OR...what a personal and cool thing to include for the guest who has specifically asked you for some healthier eating options in Disney. What better way to say, "I see you."
How about some fruit with your salad? Never forsaking our sweet tooth, Kat has thrown in the epitome of Spring candies, jelly beans, and gummy bears. For the record, the gummy bears are made with "real fruit juice" so, technically they are healthy. You're welcome, eat them both in one sitting, no judgment here. 
This box has given me such a SPRING in my step. It's gotten me excited about what this summer will hold, excited to hear that more and more people are ready to take the travel plunge again, and excited to see how I can continue to grow my own business-rain or shine. 

LIMITED AVAILABILITY! While the Launch Box is a monthly subscription, Kat knows some people like to dip a toe in the water before jumping in. There are a few of these incredible boxes set aside for individual sale! If you want to score one for yourself or get one as a gift for your favorite Disney-loving travel agent, you can shop here: GET THE APRIL BOX


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