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by christie grube May 03, 2021

May is a month full so so many possibilities, the whole "April Showers" thing is over with and we can focus on the May flowers part. Possibilities are BLOOMING, the school year is winding down, the weather is warm, summer vacations are becoming more and more tempting to us AND to our travel clients. The days are longer, the sun is out and I just received my ah-MAY-zing Plussing It Launch Box, life is indeed GOOD! Just in time for an uptick in travel momentum, we MAY just be turning the corner for real folks! 

It's true that I subscribe to this box predominantly to gain fresh ideas on how to spoil my travel guests and entice new guests to take a walk on the wild side, by trusting and booking with this agent. (I know it's hard to believe that all of this travel booking goodness is free.) Each month when I open the Launch Box, there's a healthy amount of give and take happening...not this month. Nope, every single morsel of fabulousness is staying right here with me. (It's really cute if you think I am feeling even the slightest bit bad about that.) It was just all TOO good, there's just too much happiness in here...and I don't know about you guys, but I am ready for all the happiness, all the sunshine, and all the good mojo this month can bring!



I'm still pretty much scratching my head at how all of this loot was so perfectly packaged in this month's box. (Further proof that Kat is some sort of we all suspected.) As soon as I opened my box I was floored to see an actual, FULL SIZED Cloudz Travel Pillow. Brightly colored (purple for me, though some received blue) with all of its micro-beaded awesomeness this is PERFECT for car rides, plane rides...midday naps at my desk while I'm waiting on hold for Disney to pick up and help me with my IT issues. Okay, clearly I have always bought really cheesy travel pillows, mine always slide around and out from under me, I inevitably give up and toss it aside and am that grumpy overtired traveler. This bad boy has an under-the-neck SNAP to keep it securely in place. GENIUS! That is a travel napping game changer friends!

This box speaks to the office supply nerd in me. The gal that gets lost and lingers in Staples like other gals do in jewelry stores is in love with this May box. There's no way for me to describe in enough detail the sheer cuteness of the enclosed memo tabs. One word: Otters. (Right?! Did you just swoon at the mere mention of otters...did you know that otters sleep holding hands so they don't drift away from each other...NOW are you swooning?) Anyway, THE cutest little Otter sticky tabs are part of the May fun. Kat recommends using them to highlight important places like baby care stations on park maps for your traveling families or putting on our guests' folders to help remind us of important tasks we need to stay on top of for our guests. Whether your favorite Disney/Pixar otters are those loveable Finding Dory cuties or the Otter family in Zootopia (super underrated, just saying) these fun memo tabs are such an innovative way to get creative for guests or a new way to keep some campy fun in your home office. We otter know by now that Kat thinks of everything.

My earliest memory of Kat was purchasing her now-famous Get Down to Disness Daily Agenda Book to use in help with planning my own Disney vacations. (Before I became a Travel Agent, I was SUCH a TA wannabe!)  This is the quintessential planning agenda. It is chock full of great tips, is an easy-to-use format, and has PLENTY of places to write ideas and plans which is so hard to find in a paper planner these days. I love to still purchase these for my travel guests now as an agent because I know all too well their incredible value to a traveler. The prized erasable pen that typically is sold alongside the Agenda Book on Amazon was also stashed in my May box...that will have to be pried out of my cold, dead...well, you know how that goes...suffice it to say that I'm a big fan of these Disness erasable pens.  


Isn't there ALWAYS a, "How the heck did she think of that" item in the box?! May was no exception, there is a LEGIT Disney fountain drink cup in here! HOW?!! How did she snag these?! (What IS this particular brand of magic of hers called?!!) As thoughtful as ever, there are two small (but mighty) lemonade packets in the box to make a big ole' pitcher of lemonade. Now I can take "lemons" and LITERALLY make lemonade, pour it into my authentic Parks cup, close my eyes (grab my Cloudz Neck Pillow) and dreamily transport myself for a mental break to the parks. 


One of the biggest challenges I think we face as Travel Agents is figuring out ways to make ourselves stand out. How do I stand out from other agents? How do I become more appealing than those mean ole' Big Box discount places? In this day and age of limitless access to technology where people are in essence phasing out people, how do I cut through the clutter? We can definitely overthink here, and we can definitely overspend here and I am guilty of habitually doing both. Sometimes your ole' Mom was right, a thank you card goes a long, long way. In this month's box, there is a set of THE cutest Mickey & Minnie thank you cards. I don't care what anyone says, more now than ever "snail mail" sends a strong, thoughtful message. This is the perfect way to let your guest who is returning home from the trip you planned together know you appreciate their trust and business. Referrals are also SUCH a crucial part of this business, wouldn't the person who thought enough of you to send business your way love to hear how much you appreciated that with such a personal note? Thank you notes speak VOLUMES, they are way more impactful than an email and they are the perfect way to bring some humanity back into our often colder, less human days. I am so excited to send these one-of-a-kind thank you cards. 


The Subscriber's raffle is always so much fun! This month is the sweetest Cinderella Castle Shadow Box fashioned from lovely rolled paper roses. As a crafter, I know how AGONIZING the rolling of these flowers is, this is a gift that takes MEGA time and is absolutely stunning. Is it premature to start moving stuff around on my wall to showcase this fabulous prize? (No whammy, no whammy, no whammy...)


These boxes continue to be the absolute brightest part of my month. Seeing that the box was delivered is like being a kid on Christmas morning 12 times a year! The level of thoughtfulness that goes into these boxes is astounding to me. The value that is within each box versus the dollar amount that I spend is mindboggling! (Please Kat, I don't want to find you living out of a blue Plussing It box!)

I also just love the sense of community here, I love wondering how my colleagues and fellow Plussing It Pals will react to each item. What will they like best? What cool thing will they do with each item? This program has given such a new, hopeful perch to this "work from home" gig that can sometimes feel isolated. It's about more than just the amazing items that surprise me month after month, it's about being part of a group of like-minded agents who are looking to take their businesses to ah-MAY-zing levels while supporting each other. That is pretty darn cool.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY! While the Launch Box is a monthly subscription, Kat knows some people like to dip a toe in the water before jumping in. There are a few of these incredible boxes set aside for individual sale! If you want to score one for yourself or get one as a gift for your favorite Disney-loving travel agent, you can shop here:
GET THE MAY BOX- Perfect for a MOTHER'S Day gift for travel agent Moms that love Disney!


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